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DIY CRAFT OF How to Make a Pom Pom Rabbit

Since the time I was a little child, pom creates have been one of my preferred sorts of DIY activities to make. I’m certain it’ll not shocked you, at that point, that I as of late showed my children how to make little pom poms. Presently they’re making them continually! Truth be told, we have such an overflow of pom poms happening that I can’t resist feeling like I have to begin conceptualizing approaches to put them all to all the more likely use once they’re finished. That is the means by which I thought of making a charming little pom bunny!

Just on the off chance that others might want to track with my rabbit making process, I chose to plot how I did it! You’ll likewise locate a full video instructional exercise toward the finish of the post, just on the off chance that you’d like to follow that.

For this undertaking, you’ll need:

Yarn (whatever shading you like best)

Craft glue

Googly eyes


Dark, white, and pink channel more clean


Accumulate your materials! I picked an impartially hued yarn here so as to make a rabbit with practically hued hide, however you could pick any shade of yarn you like.

Make your first pom. Squeeze your yarn end against your four fingers utilizing your thumb and begin folding the yarn over and around your fingers. Continuing wrapping until you have a few layers so as to make a thick pom. When you have enough to hold your yarn set up naturally, cautiously slide your thumb out from underneath and afterward continue wrapping.

At the point when you have an inclination that you’ve done what’s necessary wrapping, slice the yarn despite everything connected to the ball and hold that end set up with your thumb. Cut another length of yarn and circle it above and beneath the wrapped layers of yarn between your center and ring fingers. Tie the yarn and pull it tight to secure the center of the layers, at that point tie it in a tangle to hold them set up.

Rehash the entire pom procedure to make a second pom!

Crease your white funnel cleaner down the middle to locate the inside and cut it there so you have two pieces now. Light overlap every one into equal parts again without squeezing the wire in the inside this time; the objective is to make it curve in an adjusted shape as opposed to twisting it strongly. These pieces will be the outside of your rabbit’s ears.

Crease the finish of your red funnel cleaner over along these lines, yet measure it against the space in the focal point of your white ear pieces. This red will be the inward piece of your rabbit’s ears, so you need to measure it with the end goal that the new angled shape will fit inside the ones you simply made. Cut the piece off at the correct length. I squeezed my red pieces shut somewhat more than the angling white pieces just to ensure they really fit well inside those.

Slice your strip to a piece around four inches in length and tie it in a bow, much the same as you would a couple of shoe bands or a blessing bow. In case you’re experiencing difficulty getting the bow tied firmly enough, take a stab at snatching the bow circles between your thumb and pointer finger and the finishes with your different knuckles to give some robustness and pulling everything firmly simultaneously.

Utilize your craft glue to connect the entirety of your rabbit’s highlights! I began with the eyes and nose and afterward included the ears and finished him off with the little bow, tucked right under his jawline