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DIY Clothespin Angel Ornament

Just in the event that you like the clothespin heavenly attendant the same amount of as I did, here are full directions and photographs of the means I took to get it going. Look as far as possible of this post in the event that you’d want to follow a video instructional exercise!

For this task, you’ll need:

A spun cotton ball

Paint (dark and pink)

A paintbrush

Markers (dark and red)

A craft glue firearm

A spotting device

A little ribbon paper doily

A white strip

Channel cleaners (white and sparkly or silver)


A clothespin

Accumulate your materials!

Paint a little segment at the parts of the bargains handles, where you’d squeeze to open it, dark. These will be your blessed messenger’s little feet in little dark shoes.

Jab your white spun cotton ball onto the finish of your spotting device and paint its highest point dark, similar to hair. I made a waving shape at the front like the heavenly attendant has charming little blasts.

As yet holding your spotting device, utilize your felt tip pens to draw your heavenly attendant’s face. I utilized dark for the eyes and little lashes, red for the grin, and afterward I plunged the finish of my specking device in light pink paint to make little cheeks. Put your head aside to allow the paint to dry.

Cut a two inch piece off your sparkly channel cleaner and bend it round to make a circle. Apply a little touch of heated glue to one end and stick your opposite end into it. Put this aside with your other channel cleaner pieces.

Make bow circles with your white strip by applying paste in the center and bending each end internal to stick there in the inside.

Overlap your trim paper doily into quarters so you have a shape that sort of resembles a cut of pizza. Cut the sharp tip of this piece off with the goal that you have a hold in the exceptionally focus of the doily when you unfurl it.

Apply some paste right around your clothespin directly about where the pivots are or simply above. Slide your paper doily over the opening of the clothespin so it jabs through the gap and the doily rests around the pivots. Press every one of the four sides into the paste so the doily resembles a little skirt.

Apply some piece of information to the base of your spun cotton ball and stick the heavenly attendant’s head snuggly on the tip of your upstanding clothespin, so it settles directly in the spot where it would open on the off chance that you pressed its closures. Next, apply some paste in the curve of the arm and hand piece you made before and snare it around the rear of the holy messenger so it sticks directly behind the base of the head and the hands stick forward.

Apply paste to the focal point of the bow circles where you stuck your edges down previously and overlay a touch of the base edge up on each side to make the circles liven up a little at a buoyant edge. Apply more paste in the center if necessary and press the circles onto the rear of the holy messenger, over the finish of the radiance stand and the arms. The circles will stand out the side to be seen at the front; your holy messenger presently has wings!