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A Guide to Visiting Lake Khuvsgul

Lake Khuvsgul is probably the best site to visit for explorers daring to Mongolia. Situated in the northern district of the nation, near the outskirt with Russia, Lake Khuvsgul offers a large group of exercises and attractions for each kind of experience voyager.

From climbing to sailing, you’ll be bounty engaged on the shores of perhaps the biggest lake.

Since voyagers will in general run to Ulaanbaatar when intending to go to Mongolia, we calculated that a manual for visiting Lake Khuvsgul would be helpful for those of you hoping to go more off the guide. Here’s all that you have to think about Lake Khuvsgul.

About the Lake

Lake Khuvsgul is otherwise called the “more youthful sister” of Russia’s Lake Baikal, with its seepage bowl at last sending freshwater to the last waterway.

Also, similar to Lake Baikal, Lake Khuvsgul is a huge number of years old, making it one of the most old lakes on the planet.

It’s surrounded by the wonderful Sayan mountain extend, making an all around flawless view between lake, mountain, and open field sky.

The freshwater of Lake Khuvsgul is known for a few reasons. Not exclusively is it perfectly clear and delightful, but at the same time it’s Mongolia’s most noteworthy hold of drinking water and home to a few types of fish.

Most outstandingly, the jeopardized Khuvsgul grayling swims about here. As a site that is noteworthy both generally and naturally, it’s no big surprise Lake Khuvsgul makes for an extraordinary goal for experience looking for voyagers.

Activities in Lake Khuvsgul

In the event that you love being in nature and investigating outside, Lake Khuvsgul is an awesome goal for you to visit.

From climbing to spotting one of a kind untamed life to drawing in with the nearby network, you’ll bring back huge amounts of important encounters from your excursion to this under the radar locale of Mongolia.

The following are a portion of the top activities while visiting Lake Khuvsgul.


Regardless of whether you choose a day trip or a total excursion circumnavigating Lake Khuvsgul, you won’t be disillusioned by the view. From the sparkling lake waters to the transcending mountains, Lake Khuvsgul is one photogenic spot.

Your climb will bring you here and there the rugged landscape, which makes for a test. Come arranged truly for the outing.

You can likewise ascend the most elevated pinnacle of the Sayan mountain go, Mönkh Saridag. At 3,491 meters high, it’s unquestionably no stroll in the recreation center.

Train properly, pack the correct apparatus, and enroll a nearby manual for show you the way. On the outskirt of Mongolia and Russia, Mönk Saridag’s perspectives are probably the most advantageous.

Horseback Riding

In the event that you need to offer your feet a reprieve, horseback riding is another approach to encounter nature in Lake Khuvsgul. Like climbing, you can select to take a day visit or a multi-day journey.

Your settlement ought to have the option to assist you with setting up a horseback riding visit for a day, however book ahead of time for medium-term trips. You’ll have a remarkable experience riding along Lake Khuvsgul’s enchanting shores.

Lake Khuvsgul is likewise home to a mind blowing exhibit of one of a kind untamed life. Going around the lake are ibex, wolves, Siberian moose, mountain sheep, sables, and progressively cool animals.

While you’re climbing or horseback riding, you may be sufficiently fortunate to go over a portion of these creatures.

Angling and Boating

You can likewise go angling in Lake Khuvsgul. You could bring in a burbot, lenok, and other fish. A guided visit is an absolute necessity, as Lake Khuvsgul likewise houses one jeopardized animal categories.

Regarding drifting, you can likewise go cruising or kayaking on the quiet waters of the lake. Your guesthouse or ger camp ought to have suggestions for booking visits.

Reindeer Herders

Additionally in the territory of Khuvsgul are a portion of the last reindeer herders on the planet. Dwelling in the town of Tsagaan Nuur, you can orchestrate to visit the Tsaatan reindeer herders for two or three days from Khatgal.

Masterminding a visit would be valuable for covering transportation, settlement, and an insider’s mastery on reindeer grouping society, however it is conceivable to drive yourself and locate a neighborhood ger camp to remain in.

In any case, it will require early arrangement on the off chance that you need to jump over and visit the Tsaatan reindeer herders.

Naadam Festival

For a couple of days in July, the individuals of Mongolia respect their past, praise their way of life, and imprint their freedom from China with the Naadam Festival.

The Naadam Festival’s greatest occasion happens in Ulaanbaatar, however various wide open towns, including Khatgal, will have their own smaller than expected Naadams. You’ll despite everything get the total Naadam experience, chowing down on neighborhood nourishment, watching the social outfits, and viewing the three primary games of bows and arrows, wrestling, and horseback riding.

Step by step instructions to Get There

To find a workable pace, you can fly from Ulaanbaatar to Mörön. From that point, you can take a van to the town of Khatgal on the lake’s southern shores.

On the other hand, you could likewise ride the transport right from Ulaanbaatar to Mörön, and afterward move to Khatgal by means of van from that point.

Altogether, it will take you around 24 hours to finish the excursion. The ride won’t be agreeable, however it will be a cool encounter to go with local people.

Where to Stay

In Khatgal, you can remain at MS Guesthouse or at the Mongol Ujin Tour camp, which is a ger camp. A ger is a customary Mongolian lodging unit, and consequently we firmly suggest the last convenience.

It’ll add an extra social component to your excursion profound into the Mongolian open country. Gers are roundabout tent-like structures, and the camp comes outfitted with showers, toilets, and astounding nourishment.